Alkaline Water Jugs – Replacement Filters 901 White

Single replacement filters for the Alkaline Water Filter Jugs Aw-901. Available in 3 colours to match the jugs.


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5 stages water filter purification:

1. First stage: pre-filtration gauze net

To purify rust,sand, impurity, suspended solids etc.

2. Second stage: Activated carbon

Activated carbon can remove the pollution particles, adsorb ordor and color.

3. Third stage:

Resin softening and deionization.

4. Fourth stage: mineral ball

  • Materia inside: 7 Bio materials PH:8.5-9.4 ORP:-180MV to- 250MV
  • Alkalescency (weak alkaline condition) dissolve acid, eliminate toxicant and enhance immunity.
  • Negative potentials (antioxidant): remove the excessive free radicals.
  • Small molecules reduce blood lipid, blood pressures and sugar. With super-strong dissolution power, emulsifying power, and penetrating power.
  • To complement the elements of life: Trace elements and minerals The pitcher is able to release calcium and other various minerals.


5. Fifth stage: 1um PP

To deeply remove little granule particles, such as microorganism


What is the lifespan of filter?

Approximately 2 months (based on  6 – 9 litres per day).  The AW Alkaline Pitcher comes with a digital indicator where you can set the number of people using the pitcher.  The digital indicator then calculates when it is time to replace the filter.

When the blinking warning symbol ‘X” appears on the cartridge image in the display it means that the filter cartridge should be replaced within one week.  As the week passes all symbols on the screen start blinking reminding you that the filter cartridge life has expired.  Replace the filter cartridge at this time.

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