PH Test Strips for Saliva and Urine, 100 strips

Testing your pH levels has never been easier with our convenient pH Test Strips!
Able to be used for both saliva and urine, these ultra-sensitive strips give an accurate reading of your body’s current pH status in just 15 seconds, allowing you to test your acid-alkaline balance right in your own home.
Quickly identify any acid risks and take action to restore your body’s natural, healthy alkalinity with these ultra-clear indicators!


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How to Use:

SALIVA: Wait 2 hours after eating. Spit saliva into a spoon, dip the pH Health pH Strip into the fluid and wait 15 seconds to read your pH.

URINE: Test the first and second urine of the day and record the average reading. To test, briefly place the pH Strip in the urine stream, shake the excess fluid and wait 15 seconds to read your pH.

How to understand the results:

Discover the pH of your urine or saliva with our super accurate pH test Strips. Made specifically to test saliva and urine these are by far the most accurate and economical test strips on the market. pH testing strips give you the ability to test your urine or saliva each day to gauge your internal health. This enables you to adjust your diet and supplements to achieve the optimum balance for health and peace of mind.

Which area is your Body in?

The VERY ACIDIC area: 4.5 – 5.75

This “danger zone” is NOT where you want your pH to be. If you’re in this area, you MUST take serious steps to correct this acidity. If your pH is in this range, your body is 50 to 100 times too acidic! An internal terrain like this is poison to your cells.

The ACIDIC area: 6.0 – 6.5

In this “caution” zone, your body is 5 to 10 times too acidic. Making alterations to your diet and supplementing these diet changes with alkalising elements will help to bring your pH back up to where to should be.

The IDEAL area : 6.75 – 7.25

If your pH reading is in this zone, congratulations! Keep up the good work by maintaining an alkalising lifestyle.


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